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Photo At the biginning of the year 2006
I already announced my important achievement on my opera works in last year. By completion of Ai-en (To die for love), an opera in three acts which commissioned from the National Opera House of Japan (New National Theatre, Tokyo), “Minoru Miki, eight full length opera series along 1500 years' Japanese history” has concluded in last year.
Four of them, have English versions which data described at “Invitation to Miki Operas” on this site.
Ai-en will be premiered on February 17, 18, and 19, 2006 by National Opera House.
You can see details of Ai-en at also New National Theatre, Tokyo.
The Japanese version of my third opera Joruri which premiered in last September in Tokyo directed by Colin Graham remained unthinkable strong impression to Japanese audience according to its Japanese version. I realized importance of own language version for each opera. We took very clear high vision video of this performance.
Z Conversion, a percussion octet which composed in February 2005 used a special “Zomeki” rhythm throughout the work, premiered by Kunitachi University Percussion Ensemble on 9th October.
Scheduled Festival was cancelled by an accident, but the Kunitachi Ensemble fortunately did the premiere successfully. The Festival decided to perform the piece at their 06 Festival in coming May.
Z Conversion will be performed in Texas, USA at an important occasion in November with my other percussion works which didn't introduce yet to foreign countries.
A theatre piece Hagoromo premiered by ORA-J in
Last November took huge success. As the Artistic Director, I prepared it specially for young people. By this aim and high achievement, the Cultural Agency.
decided to give us 10 concerts schedule to perform this work at schools in November.
Since I opened my summer house in 1998 on south slope of Yatsugadake mountains (now this area became Hokuto city) locating central Highlands in Japan, I had strong will to organize an international music festival which has good balance between East and West music power.
After completing my eight opera series I thought the time comes now.
Even under tremendously busy jobs in last Autumn, I started and pushed forward this plan.
“Hokuto International Music Festival 06” (HIMF) will be open on 18th, 19th and 20th August at Nagasaka Community Hall etc. inviting Chamber Soloists Luzerne, Asia Ensemble and ORA-J to perform not only their own repertories but also cooperate new commissioned works combine European-Asian-Japanese instruments and music together.
In parallel with this plan, we will invite several Japanese instrumental ensembles to do some convention work their.
Many visitors can take part to these concerts and convention staying pleasant summer resort.
Precise data will be announced at this website.

Minoru Miki