Blockage of the intestlines caused by cancer of the colon.

On 23rd May, I went to Tokushima city for a job by JSL flight. But just that night I brought to the hospital because of heavy intestinal obstruction by an ambulance car. The doctor said that this is caused by cancer of the colon after checking CT scan. Very need to hurry doing surgery.
However I need to go back Tokyo for after care. So I went back Tokyo on 28th May by flight enduring big pain. Then directly go to the hospital of Kyorin University without stopping at my home.

The doctor waited me at SICU building and after several checking started operation under spinal anesthesia to make stoma (artificial anus) one inch from the navel. It was very curious sight to see my inside part and handle exclusion by myself.
After three weeks the biggest operation day came on 18th June.
During waiting I had to check inside of colon by colon scope. It was so pain and very difficult to endure checking full course. The doctor cut more than 20cm of colon both side of cancer. The affected part became very big and only thin needle can pass in the center.
The operation needed around 4 hours. Just after completing the doctor showed Nanako, my wife whole part including many lymph nodes and said that they are probably affected by cancer. She cannot say me these facts.
Almost 20 days later the younger doctor run to my bed and said that after microscope examination we realize all 19 lymph node were minus, and there is no cancer remain in colon. Very, very fortunately God help my life until the completion of my important jobs.

However pain is succeed 40 days after the operation.
It was very serious to work on the bed. But I started compose opera "Voice calling you" using small keyboard from scene four, at first only melodies of singers because vocal soloists need to learn and memorize them. Then added piano accompany later.

On 10th July I was discharged from the hospital. But soon I become refuse to eat often. When the press meeting of Fukuoka Asia Cultural Prize held in Tokyo, My condition was the worst. Next day I visit the doctor to check condition, my hemo-globin data was under 7 (3 days later 6.7). On 27th July, I went to hospital again to check my stomach by scope, and found out big duodenum ulcer. I was hospitalized until 5th August.   However I didn't stop composing the opera "Voice Calling You" under cruel situation, and sent score in succession to Omaesaki.

Minoru Miki