The Award Ceremony of Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize

The Award Ceremony of Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize has done on 17 September in Fukuoka International Congress Center, and also as the public forum on 20th “Minoru Miki Music World” project has done at Fukuoka Bank Concert Hall with full audience.
As the first part, Koto Ensemble of Tsukushi Women High School played the third movement of my "Three Festal Ballades". Then PKB Female Chorus sung "Misaki Michiyuki" conducted by Mr.Satoshi Yokota very well (This is almost premiere of this female chorus suite). The third stage was "Yui" for shakuhachi, 21-string koto, futozao shamisen , string quartet and harp without conducting. This piece accepted very well as very rare case in Kyushu area. Finally Ms. Ruri Usami sung my three opera arias with piano. At first "Along the Road of Nara" from Joruri, then "Love Journey" from Shizuka and Yoshitsune, finally "Butterfly Song" from Wakahime. She also played "Butterfly Song" in case of the Award Ceremony on 17th .
As the second part, Prof. Tomoaki Fujii and I had talk show with DVD performance quoted from my "Symphony for Two Worlds", "The Tale of Genji", "Ai-en". The project needed three hours but almost all audience didn't go back.

Minoru Miki