"Voice Calling You"

"Voice Calling You", an opera in one act (six scenes) was completed on 9th September in Tokyo. Omaesaki is famous cape toward Pacific Ocean in middle Japan, but population of the town is only 12.000. This project participated "National Cultural Festival in Shizuoka 2009", but the budget is too few as making an opera. It was 1/20 of usual budget for an opera production. So I needed to consider unusual plan. Finally I composed just Eco-opera?economical opera?, because the opera can perform without expensive scenery, special costume etc.
Also performing plan could be made by an amateur female chorus asking only four singers (sop. mezzo-sop. ten. bar) and a pianist according my original plan. Furthermore, I set short choral preludes for each six scenes which sing landscapes of seaside, cliff, morning sea, old forest and pond, mountain pass, port. So these music make an independent 16 minutes female chorus suit. I believe this is my triumph.
Not only my effort to compose even during operation of colon cancer and staying in a hospital, but the NPO group consisted by only 14 members worked very hard without getting any fee. And all staffs and casts corresponded with joy and cooperated sincerely.
On 31st October the opera “Voice Calling You” (65 minutes) has been premiered at Omaesaki-shi Cultural hall two times with almost full audience. Their performances for the Eco-opera were unthinkably excellent. I would like to say thank you very much for the librettist: Ms. Tomoko Takemura and the stage director: Mr. Neko Kaneko and the producer: Ms. Noriko Ishihara specially.
Publisher “Kawai Shuppan” decided to publish both the opera “Voice Calling You” and the female chorus suite “Misaki Michiyuki (round journey around the cape) ”.

Minoru Miki