Minoru Miki Celebrating party

On 6th December, several executive members belonging Japanese instrumental field were planning "Minoru Miki Celebrating party for receiving Fukuoka Asian Culture Prize and his coming 80th birthday". My most important life work is "Minoru Miki, Nine Opera Series along 1600 year Japanese History", but ninth opera will be complete during next year. So I agreed this plan which concentrates Japanese and Asian music fields. 
"Asia" including Japan is also my important life work. After leaning western instruments, since around 1960, I have devoted my sincere efforts to Japanese and Asian instrumental fields.
Of course my opera series includes Japanese and Asian instruments as very important role, but to tell party plan for many stuffs and casts who are working in opera and western instrumental field is too late and too wide.
However almost 200 people gathered the party from all Japan, and said me their sincere thanks and hoped my future healthy life.
At the party selected soloists played:
my percussion duet "Toh",
holding string instrumental trio "Kuse",
Shakuhachi & 21-string koto duet "Autumn Fantasy", and as the final piece "Tamafuri" from grand ensemble piece "Hote" which have suitable part of all ethnic instruments.
Performers from Pro Musica Nipponia (1964), Aura-J (1998), Orchestra Asia (1993)'s Japan Ensemble which I founded all original group played as the core member and many amateur players took part under conducting of maestro Michiyoshi Inoue. It was significant 10 minutes! Some participants talked together that we have to play all movements of "Hote" in December in every year. It was my aim during composing in 1976 as a festival for ethnic instrumental musicians. I believe this dream surely realize within a few years.
Just before closing party, Ms. Ruri Usami sung "See You Again" which I composed after Nanako's poem when my prostate cancer realized in 1990. Finally all participants sung together this tiny song hoping to meet again soon.

[NB] You can find out the music of this song on English page of my work list in 2000, and could listen Ruri's singing.

Minoru Miki