At the mid of 2011

On 5th Jun, 2011
Minoru Miki
As you know, I completed "Minoru Miki, 9 Opera Series along 1600 years Japanese History" in 2010.
Along my composing order they are "Shunkin-sho" "An actor's Revenge", "Joruri", "Wakahime", "Ai-En", "The Tale of Genji", "Shizuka & Yoshitsune", twin-opera "The River Sumida +Kusabira" and the final 9th opera "The Happy Pagoda" which based on 20~21 Century story.
Also its eighth opera "Ai-En" which commissioned and world premiered by the Japan's National Opera in 2005 had its first oversea premiere by the Heidelberg City Opera from 20 February to June 06 (8 stages).
During these Large operas, I completed un economic 1 hour opera "the voice which call you" which I composed main part almost in the hospital, and in Japanese many cities fortunately had its production in recent two years.
On the other hand, The "Hokuto International Music Festival (HIMF) which I founded in 2006 by my own budget will tragically end by the producer in Hokuto city near my summer house existing 1000 meters height.
I am expecting new International Music Festival which succeed my strong will reappear the other city in the near future even can change place to other prefectures.
This year, I am started to compose New "Requiem" version with 41 minutes and instrumentation (2 wood winds, 4 brasses, 3 percussions, soprano & baritone solo, mixed chorus, full strings).
I composed and premiered "Requiem" old mail chorus version in 1934 commissioned by Tokyo Liedertafel.
But this new version which started compose in this March will be my final work to dedicate all victims in last Pacific War which ended in 1945.
Now I am composing (orchestration) at 2nd movement during 6 movements.
I hope I can complete this work by the middle of next year.

Minoru Miki