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Photo At the beginning of the year 2003
The year 2002 has been a busy year as usual, then in 2003, projects are succeeding like below.
My "Pipa Concerto" which world-premiered in 1997, had a beautiful Chinese premiere on 2nd March, 2003 by Yang Jing / pipa solo and China Philharmonic Orchestra conducted by Yang Yang at Beijing Poly Theatre as the concluding piece.
It was a historical performance because many musicean and specially Prof. Li Xian, former director of China Concervatory and the chief editor of the magazine "People's Music" mentioned as "Miki's concerto is nodoubtedly the highest piece among many Chinese pipa concertos".
It was due to Ms. Yang Jing's superdistinguished technic and musicality and talented young conductor Yang Yang's efforts.
See please an interview which appered on China Daily before the
I organized the Asia Ensemble consisted by several most excellent soloists who play typical Asian solo instruments. As the founder I composed "Origin", a quintet which combined different elements and attempt to produce musical joyful time. The piece premiered on 4th October at Okazaki Coronet Hall as the final piece of the Asia Ensemble' debut concert. The concert has included the "Asia-Silk Road Music Festival".
In 2003 the Asia Ensemble will have next four concerts in Japan: 27th Sep. in Sendai, 4th Oct. in Miyazaki, 13th Oct. in Okazaki, and 14th Oct. in Tokyo.
Soloists will be Yang Jing / pipa, Reiko Kimura / koto, Seizan Sakata / shakuhachi, Bat-Erdene Ayush / matouchin, Fei Jian Rong / da-san-xian.
I directed ORA-J's 11th regular concert titled "We shall never fight again" at Tsuda Hall, Tokyo on 11th November. My "Ki-no-Kane(Yellow Bell)" performed its shorter version as the conclusion piece. When I composed the piece in 1992 with dramatic soprano melody, I put myself in a mother's place who's son enlisted by Japanese army and by non-refutable order he killed guiltless Asian people, then executed a death sentence by the International Military Tribunal for the Far East. I am very anxious recent antagonism between races and specially cultures. We couldn't kill other culture. We shall never fight again.
In next season, ORA-J's regular concert will be on 17th Jun. and 10th Mar. 2004 at Tsuda Hall, Tokyo.
On the other hand, the Uta-za, an opera theatre which I found in 1986, started to perform my operas & folk-operas regularly. As the first attempt of the plan, in last December Uta-za selected its 230th production of The Monkey Poet, a folk opera which express anti-distinction on the earth. The opera has English version by Colin Graham.
"The Monkey Poet" will be revived from 10th to 12th Dec. at Komaba Eminers in Tokyo.
Also "Yang Jing & Yui Ensemble" is succeeding its activity performing my "East Arc" for pipa, violin, cello, marimba/percussion and my other pieces. "Yui" just means cooperation between different races and cultures. "Yang Jing & Yui Ensemble" will perform these pieces on 24th Jul. at Baroque Saal in Kyoto, 26th Jul. at Asakura Musium in Ehime, 27th Jul. at Shido Concert Hall in Kagawa, and then make recording of "East Ark".
In 2003, I will start composing my eighth opera along Japanese history. Now I am waiting the completion of the libretto by famous nun writer Jakucho Setouchi. I asked her to set the aim of the opera thinking early Buddhism and cultural exchange between Japan and China in 8th Century.
The schedule of my opera productions and important concerts can be seen on Japanese pages of this URL.
Please enjoy a small song "See you again" below. This melody is not in my serious style. At first I composed the piece for an amateur chorus group as one of "Occasional Greeting Songs". And at the beginning of this year, I arranged it for usual persons who desired to sing farewell song with joy.
If you want to have Pf accompaniment, I will send you it by e-mail according your request.

Minoru Miki